Tobacco causes grave concern, Aborted Children do not

Posted on March 28, 2022

In recent news, the World Health Organization (WHO) decided not to accept the plant-based, Medicago COVID-19 vaccine for emergency use, citing the company’s ties to the tobacco industry. While Medicago DID NOT use aborted fetal cell lines in its development and production process, it DID use aborted fetal cell line HEK (Human Embryonic Kidney) in its testing of the final product.

Where is the outrage that unborn children are being used as a commodity? Where are the voices crying out from the depths?  Have we NOT been loud enough, or does the world ignore our cries? I happen to think it’s the latter. We are being ignored and dismissed when we raise our objections to the use of Aborted fetal cell lines.

The Covid pandemic set off a race to find a vaccines and treatments to minimize the global impact of this disease. Researchers used a wide array of technologies, mainly unproven mRNA, forgoing the more traditional established approach.  There have been several companies globally that have used traditional technologies whether they be plant based, insect based, Vero (monkey kidney) or Chinese Hamster Ovary (CHO). Yet there have been many that utilize the common Human Embryonic Kidney Cell line ( HEK) both in development, production and testing. Comparison Chart

Concerned Christians far and wide made national news in regards to their objections to the use of the tainted aborted fetal cell lines. The pharmaceuticals didn’t care, they justified their use as did many Religious Leaders Internationally. We were backed into a corner and our pleas were ignored and honestly, even made a mockery of.

 Here we are today, the WHO is rejecting the Medicago vaccine because of its connection to the Tobacco industry. OUTRAGEOUS!   Do we not see the hypocrisy here? Where is the consistency of LIFE ETHIC? The WHO determined that tobacco poses a grave danger to the human being, why don’t they recognize that abortion poses even a far greater danger to our preborn children, their mothers and those of us that simply cannot in good well-formed conscience, cooperate (even remotely) in the use of products that have their origins in abortion?

Friends, we must get louder and we must demand that our voices be heard and taken seriously. We must continue to expose the evil in the abortion and pharmaceutical industries, we must continue to demand that children are not exploited and used as a commodity in the pharmaceutical industry, we must demand ethical alternatives (for those who want them) and we must show them that we will NOT be silent.

Download our sample letter to the Pharmaceuticals HERE