So you’ve landed here because you want the proof that some current vaccines are being produced using immoral aborted fetal cell lines. At  Taking Recourse we will give you the entire truth and the resources you need to prove it!

Aborted Fetal Material Used in Vaccines and Medicines

This link provides information on the abortions, cell lines and full science evidence:

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Moderna Vaccine and Aborted Fetal Cells – the Science Doesn’t Lie

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Would it surprise you to learn that as early as 1936, forced abortions were performed under the US “Model Eugenic Sterilization Law” of 1922 and the babies were used in polio research?  
Forsaking God for the Sake of Science

The undeniable fact that the many vaccines were developed using aborted fetal cell lines, has never been hidden from the public. When you go to your Family Physician, do you ask to see the package insert?  The fact is, most people don’t. Patients are simply informed of the risks and possible side effects of common childhood vaccinations. Truthfully, many physicians have never checked the package inserts themselves for the ingredients in vaccines, though it’s easily accessible to them.  But if they did, they would read under the section Description:

Vaccine contains “residual DNA and proteins” and “cell components” of “MRC-5”, “WI-38” (or both) “human diploid cell lines”. 

Now this does not mean “aborted fetal tissue”.  Diploid cells are defined as “having twice the number of chromosomes normally occurring in a mature germ cell”.   But when the origin of the cell line is checked, one would find that both MRC-5 and WI-38 came from the lung tissue of electively aborted babies.  That information is unfortunately not listed;  perfectly legal, without disclosing what would have surely led to a public outcry and a demand for immediate change decades ago.

In addition, most physicians have an indispensable book called a PDR (Physician’s Desk Reference).  The same information, listing the aborted fetal cell lines can be found there as well.

Now lets take a look at the viable proof that MRC-5 and WI-38 are actually aborted fetal cell lines.   The following information is taken DIRECTLY from the Coriell Cell Repository, a company that actually sells aborted fetal (and other) tissue cell lines. The following information will give you a complete scientific description of the cell lines and the information on the original abortions:



And of course, our chart of vaccines lists those that are using aborted fetal cell lines as well.